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Mobile Biosafety Changing Station for GERM FREE
Surface width: 150 cm -  60”

  • Guaranteed protection for your staff and animals ensuring an effective barrier, preventing germ free health status of the animals and cross contamination
  • Manual Decon Lock (option) on a side for manually decontaminating the cage before moving in and handling it or Automatic Dunk Tank (option) with interlocked doors which assures standardization in SOPs with germ free animals and an advanced bioprotection/ biocontainment
  • Easy to clean: highly resistant AISI 316L working area with removable TRESPA work surface panels
  • Highest degree of bioprotection: optional sliding gloves system installed along the front aperture in order to minimize the risk of human error and potential contamination.
  • ISO Class 3 Air Quality (ISO 14644-1)
  • Intuitive 7” Touchscreen for a real-time monitoring of the biosafety cabinet conditions
  • Excellent flexibility: different options available according to the user SOPs

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